Friday, 25 October 2013

Se7en - Opening Titles

Se7en is a 1995 thriller which follows the journey of two investigators hunting down a gruesome serial killer.

Within the opening titles we see straight away what to expect from the film, its explicit adult themed content clearly sets the scene. As Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are such reputable popular actors, their names are shown before the title of the film. This shows how they are seen as more important than the name of the film, and how the producers have relied majorly on the pre sold audience to conform of fans of the two big name actors. 

The music played builds tension and seemingly sets the audience up for something that is about to happen. It fits perfectly with the actions going on at the time, not creating a story, but flicking from different scenes in quick succession with the attempt to confuse the audience. With these images and sounds, the audience do not know what to expect, as this is not part of a series or a sequel, the audience are left open minded with what to expect, which with a film like this can leave the faint hearted left frightened.

The font used is one of a hand written portrayal, however someone with not neat hand writing, as the letters are not connected and are also different sizes. Furthermore, the words slant in different direction giving the impression that it was written in a rush, meaning that the writer may have been in a panic. once again setting the tone and mood for the rest of the film.

This is a very effective opening title as it is able to tell the names of the actors, producers and other contributors while also managing to set the scene, mood and tone for the rest of the film. However the downfall of this opening is that even though the timing is only in fact 2 minutes, as it contains no action in this period of time this can have a repercussion of it seeming longer and dragging out. Consequently causing some audience members to become detached and lose interest. 

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