Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Editing Brickwall

Our Editing has hit a brick wall..

We are having trouble with our timings of the sound corresponding with the video its-self, Along the timeline it say +1 and -3 etc. on each clip. We have had to speak a technician but our film can't progress until it has been fixed.  Also we are finding it difficult to cut our film down to the 2 minute maximum as we are weary to cut out certain parts in case the opening could not be understood.   

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Unfinished Film

After two days of filming and editing here is what we have completed. With still more to film, we were pleased with our initial film and how our ideas were being played out within the film successfully. However, some editing features we film can still be added and developed; such as opening titles which are key in creating a successful opening sequence.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Chosen Music

Above is the selected music that we have chosen to supply as a backing track to our opening. Backing music is a key feature when creating a film as it is a highly effective way in creating suspense and setting the scene. These to tracks we feel will successfully set the scene as the first track os a spooky, mysterious tune which would play simultaneously to the beginning of our film whilst Skyler is introduced. The second track will be used after to help build tension as the pace starts to quicken within our opening sequence.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Location Recce

Above is an image of a 'recce' checklist which is used by directors which they carry with them whilst visiting the location that they possibly might chose to incorporate into their film. A director might use one of these as it helps them to decide whether or not to use the suggested location, and if it matches their chosen specification they are looking for.


Today is the day that we are finally going to start filming for 'Behind Time' and hopefully we can get a lot of filming completed in the first day!!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Shooting Schedule

Here is a shooting schedule that we have created in order to make our filming process more efficient. By having set times for certain scenes we can insure that we remain on schedule and that each scene gets correctly filmed. Resulting in the creating of our film being a lot quicker. 

Shooting Script

Thursday, 13 March 2014


Here is a short video of a quick snippet of what occurred during our first day of filming today. It shows me and my group discussing possible ideas as to how certain scenes should be shot in terms of camera angles for best effectivity and also possible ideas that could be filmed.

Monday, 10 March 2014


'Behind Time' was chosen by us as the chosen title for our film. We came about this as in the film Dwayne & Tenpenny are chasing Skyler, attempting to stop him before he commits another crime. However they also appear to tricked by Skyler into thinking that they are 1 step ahead of him when realistically they are two steps behind. Consequently causing them to be late, resulting in Skyler also getting away, hence Dwayne & Tenpenny are consistently behind time trying to catch Skyler. 'Behind Time' is also short, concise and memorable, it will be effective towards the audience as it will stick in their minds easier. Also is summarises the basis of our film in two small words.

Sunday, 9 March 2014


A treatment is a short, broad description of a movie or script idea which covers the key points pertaining the story and potential productions. Touching the genre, target audience & description of the main characters within the production.

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Chosen Logo

This is a logo in which we have designed for our production company, the letters DCL stand simply for our names Dom, Curtis & Lydia. We have chosen this  as our final logo as we felt that this design was the most professional idea, and would best suit its chosen purpose respectively. The clever overlap of the letters is a unique feature and will be easily recognisable for the audience. This logo could also be shown at the beginning of our film opening to aware the audience who the production company were that created the film, thus boosting its public awareness. If the film was successful then it would bring positive response upon the company and would increase its reputation.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Logo Ideas

Here are a selection of ideas in which we have created that could be used as the logo to our production company if we were to distribute our own films. A logo is very important when creating a brand as its the main aspect which will catch the eye of the audience and make them notice and remember your brand. Furthermore a logo can be used through marketing and placed upon promoting products for future films A logo also allows you to distinguish your brand from competitors.

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Chosen Location

Choosing a location was a key moment of our planning process. As we wanted to keep our costs as low as possible; we have decided to film in and around Hayes station in kent. Hayes is an easily accessible location for my group and the cast, so it would make it easy for us to go back and re-do shots if we were unhappy with them.

This was the location in which we first meet the character of Mr. Dwayne.

Mr. Dwayne exits from this station and is picked up by Officer Tenpenny. The station is not an iconic area of London which could help us create a realistic approach to our film.

This is the high street situated outside of Hayes Station where Dwayne & Tenpenny drive of to.

The rest of our film is located in the area of Hayes in the car as Dwayne & Tenpenny attempt to chase down Skyer. The scenes which involve styler were filmed within Dom Grimshaws house which was down the road from the high street. The Skyler scene were performed in his shed which created a perfect sense of tension & mysteriousness. 

Monday, 3 March 2014


After long days of auditions and interviews, me and my team have finally selected our chosen actorsin which will be in our final film. During the auditioning process our main focus was to find the perfect actor to portray the character of Skyler. Skyler is the leading character in our film and it is very important that the right person was chosen to play him. 

Fellow partner Dom Grimshaw will play the character of Officer Tenpenny and I will play the character of Mr. Dwayne. All that was left of the main casting was to find the main character in Skyler, which we successfully found in Harley Francis.

Harley Francis - Skyler

Harley is a young British actor with a lot of acting experience, he shone through the audition process as he fully understood the character of Skyler. During the auditions he was able to give us deep insight on how he felt the character should be portrayed which matched our initial ideas for the character. However, also giving us new ideas that we were able to develop further. Harley is a unknown actor in the larger film industry, this will help make our film seem more believable and realistic as the audience would not know who he is, and will only know him as the psychotic Skyler.