Thursday, 6 March 2014

Chosen Location

Choosing a location was a key moment of our planning process. As we wanted to keep our costs as low as possible; we have decided to film in and around Hayes station in kent. Hayes is an easily accessible location for my group and the cast, so it would make it easy for us to go back and re-do shots if we were unhappy with them.

This was the location in which we first meet the character of Mr. Dwayne.

Mr. Dwayne exits from this station and is picked up by Officer Tenpenny. The station is not an iconic area of London which could help us create a realistic approach to our film.

This is the high street situated outside of Hayes Station where Dwayne & Tenpenny drive of to.

The rest of our film is located in the area of Hayes in the car as Dwayne & Tenpenny attempt to chase down Skyer. The scenes which involve styler were filmed within Dom Grimshaws house which was down the road from the high street. The Skyler scene were performed in his shed which created a perfect sense of tension & mysteriousness. 

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