Monday, 3 March 2014


After long days of auditions and interviews, me and my team have finally selected our chosen actorsin which will be in our final film. During the auditioning process our main focus was to find the perfect actor to portray the character of Skyler. Skyler is the leading character in our film and it is very important that the right person was chosen to play him. 

Fellow partner Dom Grimshaw will play the character of Officer Tenpenny and I will play the character of Mr. Dwayne. All that was left of the main casting was to find the main character in Skyler, which we successfully found in Harley Francis.

Harley Francis - Skyler

Harley is a young British actor with a lot of acting experience, he shone through the audition process as he fully understood the character of Skyler. During the auditions he was able to give us deep insight on how he felt the character should be portrayed which matched our initial ideas for the character. However, also giving us new ideas that we were able to develop further. Harley is a unknown actor in the larger film industry, this will help make our film seem more believable and realistic as the audience would not know who he is, and will only know him as the psychotic Skyler.

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