Friday, 14 February 2014

Target Audience

As a result of the usually violent and explicit behavior and content shown during thrillers, we were able to narrow down our target audience to being either 15+ or 18+. Although some thriller occasionally drop down to PG & 12/a+ rating, but we didn't feel that this was the correct age group that should be exposed to such content. Most themes in thrillers contain lots of adult subject matters that are not suitable for younger ages. I felt that thrillers which were rated either PG or 12/a + were not realistic as directors attempted to cut out and soften such content. 

In other cases however at 18+, where directors now have the ability to freely explore what they please, they at times get carried away with their freedom and once again reality is lost. It seems in most cases the 15+ rating category contained the more realistic thriller films; our plan is to create a realistic thriller opening therefore this category may be the best suited for us. As we begin to develop our ideas it will allow it an easier option to choose are chosen target audience.

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