Monday, 17 February 2014

Characters fact files

(animated interpretation of character)
  • Name - Skyler
  • Age - 24
  • Role - Main character, fugitive wanted in the US. Provides ultimatums (games) to the CIA in order to stop him destroying and killing.
  • Psychopath broken out of mental institution.
  • Fourth 'game' that he is playing with CIA, which he has taken to London.
  • Motive - fun and satisfaction of watching the world burn and people suffer.

(animated interpretation of character)
  • Name - Mr. Dwayne
  • Age - 28
  • Role - CIA operative in charge of the Skyler case. 
  • Been chasing Skyler for 7 months through his three previous 'games'.
  • Deeply in love with case officer Michelle Porter who's son has been kidnapped by Skyler.
  • Motive - do anything possible to catch Skyler and save Spencer (Michelle's son)

(animated interpretation character)
  • Name - Officer Tenpenny 
  • Age - 26
  • Role - highly respectable CIA agent.
  • Recognised as one of the best agents in the agency purely down to his attitude to not rest until all criminals involved are caught and punished.
  • Working closely with Mr. Dwayne to catch Skyler.
  • Motive - bring Skyler to justice.

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